Misty Water Park - Spoil Island View

Reporting from Misty Water Park

Misty Water Park is located in Mary Esther, Florida. This park is pretty minimal, with no restrooms and only a single covered picnic table, a boat launch, and a trash can. However, what this park allows easy access to is a few secluded islands in the middle of the Santa Rosa Sound. By secluded I mean the islands usually only have a handful of people and boats beached across the four main islands. There is...Continue reading

Pitt and Sylvan Springs - Foliage At Springs

Reporting from Pitt and Sylvan Springs

Pitt and Sylvan Springs in Youngstown, Florida, is just one of the state's many beautiful blue springs that feed into Ecofina Creek. The park is on Highway 20 in Bay County, and there are plenty of signs along the route that make the entrance easy to spot from the road. There are parking areas right off the highway and also inside the park. The park has pavilions with picnic tables and grills, so it is...Continue reading