Three Rivers State Park - Sunset

Reporting from Three Rivers Florida State Park

Three Rivers State Park was a pleasant surprise. We were hoping to kayak once we got here but the alligator 20 feet from the dock and another about 200 feet out was a clear indicator that the water was gatorfested, and you know we don't get in gatorfested water. The pleasant surprise, however, was how increadible beautiful this place was. Though you can hear the nearby highway, you could easily feel like you were in...

Fort Pickens National Park - Fallen Structure

Reporting from Fort Pickens National Park

We chose Fort Pickens National Park for our Happy Trails report this week. Fort Pickens is on Pensacola Beach and offers a lot more than the outdoor museum. This park is a favorite for locals because of its location and access to the water and is a fantastic place for the entire family. Between the museum and the beaches, you can make an entire day out of this one park. There is a long road...Continue reading