AJ's on the Bayou - Fish and Shrimp

Reporting from AJ’s on the Bayou

We ordered the fried shrimp and fish plate with Grouper being the fish of the day. The plate came with hush puppies and french fries with a cocktail and tartar sauce on the side. The fried food was delicious and cooked in fresh oil. The texture of the fried breading was cooked to perfection. The restaurant is most known for their local, fresh seafood and the whole meal was delightful. Although they are called Mozzarella...Continue reading

Tacos El Hurracan - 02

Reporting from Tacos El Huracán

When we first arrived at Tacos El Huracán, the delicious smells coming from the food truck made our mouths water, and we were ready to eat right away. The customer service experience while ordering and was friendly. We both ordered the grilled chicken tacos. Our tacos came with Grilled Chicken meat topped with onion, cilantro, and one choice of salsa, Verde, Roja, or Huracan. I chose the Verde salsa, and it blended amazingly with the...Continue reading

Buh's BBQ - Food Truck Sign

Reporting from Buh’s BBQ

In the box to the right is the pulled pork sandwich. The pork sandwich was slow-cooked to perfection making it tender and delicious. We both agreed this is the best barbeque either of us has tasted in years. In the box to the left are the slow-cooked brisket sandwich and baked beans. The tenderness of the beef melts in your mouth. The baked beans had a nice kick to them. I chose the mesquite flavor...Continue reading

Tally Taco - Tacos and Quesadillas

Reporting from TALLYTACO

These Quesadillas are made with love! If you look at the to-go box to the left in the image, you can see Quesadillas with a perfect golden brown crisp to the tortilla that is wrapping an authentic blend of meat, cheese, spices, and experience that is worth every penny. The portions are not small but never sit heavy on my stomach. As you can see, one Quesadilla covers more than half the to-go box. In...Continue reading