AJ's on the Bayou - Fish and Shrimp

Reporting from AJ’s on the Bayou

We ordered the fried shrimp and fish plate with Grouper being the fish of the day. The plate came with hush puppies and french fries with a cocktail and tartar sauce on the side. The fried food was delicious and cooked in fresh oil. The texture of the fried breading was cooked to perfection. The restaurant is most known for their local, fresh seafood and the whole meal was delightful. Although they are called Mozzarella...Continue reading

Reporting from Turkey Creek Nature Trail Featured Image

Reporting from Turkey Creek Nature Trail

This week's Happy Trails is Turkey Creek Nature Trail, located in Niceville, Florida, in Okaloosa County. This nature trail is a great place to spend the day with your friends and family walking the trails, swimming, or tubing. There are portions of the creek that can be kayaked, but there was a tree blocking part of the run at the time of our visit, so we chose not to kayak. There is limited parking so...Continue reading

Misty Water Park - Spoil Island View

Reporting from Misty Water Park

Misty Water Park is located in Mary Esther, Florida. This park is pretty minimal, with no restrooms and only a single covered picnic table, a boat launch, and a trash can. However, what this park allows easy access to is a few secluded islands in the middle of the Santa Rosa Sound. By secluded I mean the islands usually only have a handful of people and boats beached across the four main islands. There is...Continue reading

Tacos El Hurracan - 02

Reporting from Tacos El Huracán

When we first arrived at Tacos El Huracán, the delicious smells coming from the food truck made our mouths water, and we were ready to eat right away. The customer service experience while ordering and was friendly. We both ordered the grilled chicken tacos. Our tacos came with Grilled Chicken meat topped with onion, cilantro, and one choice of salsa, Verde, Roja, or Huracan. I chose the Verde salsa, and it blended amazingly with the...Continue reading

Ferry Park - Disc Golf - Water Hazard

Reporting from Ferry Park

Ferry Park is a multi-use park in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. This park has a lot to offer for every age group. The Park has a well-maintained playground with pavilions for picnicking, a basketball court, a tennis court, soccer field, a racquetball court, and disc golf course. There are bathroom facilities at the park.  There is a large parking area but in the warmer months, you will want to get here early as the park...Continue reading

Pitt and Sylvan Springs - Foliage At Springs

Reporting from Pitt and Sylvan Springs

Pitt and Sylvan Springs in Youngstown, Florida, is just one of the state's many beautiful blue springs that feed into Ecofina Creek. The park is on Highway 20 in Bay County, and there are plenty of signs along the route that make the entrance easy to spot from the road. There are parking areas right off the highway and also inside the park. The park has pavilions with picnic tables and grills, so it is...Continue reading

Buh's BBQ - Food Truck Sign

Reporting from Buh’s BBQ

In the box to the right is the pulled pork sandwich. The pork sandwich was slow-cooked to perfection making it tender and delicious. We both agreed this is the best barbeque either of us has tasted in years. In the box to the left are the slow-cooked brisket sandwich and baked beans. The tenderness of the beef melts in your mouth. The baked beans had a nice kick to them. I chose the mesquite flavor...Continue reading

Three Rivers State Park - Sunset

Reporting from Three Rivers Florida State Park

Three Rivers State Park was a pleasant surprise. We were hoping to kayak once we got here but the alligator 20 feet from the dock and another about 200 feet out was a clear indicator that the water was gatorfested, and you know we don't get in gatorfested water. The pleasant surprise, however, was how increadible beautiful this place was. Though you can hear the nearby highway, you could easily feel like you were in...

Garniers Beach Park - Park Sign - Water View

Reporting from Garniers Beach Park

Garniers Beach Park is a local Fort Walton Beach Park and is nestled in the backside of a neighborhood that goes all the way to where the Choctawhatchee Bay meets Cinco Bayou. Directly across the way, you can see the Fort Walton Beach Yacht Club, and the Choctawhatchee bay opens to the left from the viewpoint of the beach. This park is often busy, so get here early if you plan on parking. The park...Continue reading

Tally Taco - Tacos and Quesadillas

Reporting from TALLYTACO

These Quesadillas are made with love! If you look at the to-go box to the left in the image, you can see Quesadillas with a perfect golden brown crisp to the tortilla that is wrapping an authentic blend of meat, cheese, spices, and experience that is worth every penny. The portions are not small but never sit heavy on my stomach. As you can see, one Quesadilla covers more than half the to-go box. In...Continue reading

Fort Pickens National Park - Fallen Structure

Reporting from Fort Pickens National Park

We chose Fort Pickens National Park for our Happy Trails report this week. Fort Pickens is on Pensacola Beach and offers a lot more than the outdoor museum. This park is a favorite for locals because of its location and access to the water and is a fantastic place for the entire family. Between the museum and the beaches, you can make an entire day out of this one park. There is a long road...Continue reading

Beach Bum Report - St. Andrews State Park - 10

Reporting from St. Andrews Florida State Park

St. Andrews State Park is located in Panama City Beach Florida and was a fantastic adventure for us. We were able to bicycle around the park, kayak the Lower Grand Lagoon, and camp with a beautiful view. There is a busy boat launch area at the park as well. The jetties area is perfect for snorkeling adventures. There are many things to do at St. Andrews State Park, whether you are here for the day...Continue reading

Beach Bum Report - Hello Beach Bums - Featured Image

Hello, Beach Bums

Welcome to our new website. For the past couple of months, Mandy and I have been touring some of Florida's parks and outdoor spaces and documenting our adventures along the way so you can get a sneak peek at some of the places we think you'd like to visit. Our favorite things to do are bicycling, kayaking, snorkeling, disc golf, and taking long walks wherever we can find great scenery. Sometimes we go camping too....Continue reading