Reporting from Fort Pickens National Park

We chose Fort Pickens National Park for our Happy Trails report this week. Fort Pickens is on Pensacola Beach and offers a lot more than the outdoor museum. This park is a favorite for locals because of its location and access to the water and is a fantastic place for the entire family. Between the museum and the beaches, you can make an entire day out of this one park.

There is a long road from the guard shack to the museum that is part of the Gulf Island National Seashore island chain, so you'll also get to see pristine beaches with coastal winds that carry seaspray from the Gulf of Mexico, which pairs nicely with the blistering heat and blazing sun for that authentic Florida feel. There is a camp store in this park if you get thirsty or need a snack.

Touring Fort Pickens

I totally said that I thought this place didn't see any action during the Civil War, but I was mistaken. For an accurate history of this fort, I figure I owed it to our readers to provide a link, in order to make up for getting my facts wrong. So check out the Wikipedia page to see what I got wrong.

Though we did not get in the water for this trip or provide any video of it, watersports are totally an option at this park. There are also a lot of trails for hiking or walking at this park but be sure to bring plenty to drink when you're going to be in the heat and away from your car for any length of time. See the official website linked to at the top of this report for more information.