Reporting from Garniers Beach Park

Garniers Beach Park is a local Fort Walton Beach Park and is nestled in the backside of a neighborhood that goes all the way to where the Choctawhatchee Bay meets Cinco Bayou. Directly across the way, you can see the Fort Walton Beach Yacht Club, and the Choctawhatchee bay opens to the left from the viewpoint of the beach. This park is often busy, so get here early if you plan on parking.

The park has a playground, restrooms, a boat launch, and couple hundred feet of off-white sandy beach. We were able to back down the boat launch and set our kayaks on the beach, just adjacent to the concrete boat ramp, making it, so we only had to walk the kayaks a few feet to set them in the water.

Kayaking in Cinco Bayou

We decided to do some park hopping via kayaks for this trip. We started at Garniers Beach Park and made our first stop at Laguna Park, and then to Francis Park, both in the neighboring township of Cinco Bayou. At certain times of the year, this route becomes a great place to see dolphins.

Continuing past this park, you can paddle on down Five Mile Bayou which you can visit early mornings in the fall to see morning fog covering the water, with dozens of pelicans, seagulls, and dolphins bringing the water to life.

Laguna Park

Francis Park