Reporting from TALLYTACO


These Quesadillas are made with love! If you look at the to-go box to the left in the image, you can see Quesadillas with a perfect golden brown crisp to the tortilla that is wrapping an authentic blend of meat, cheese, spices, and experience that is worth every penny. The portions are not small but never sit heavy on my stomach. As you can see, one Quesadilla covers more than half the to-go box.


In the to-go box to the right is the famous Grand Beef Soft and Crunchy Tacos. The tacos are perfectly seasoned with plenty of cheese that just melts in your mouth with flavor. We left off the veggies but added some of the slightly spicy queso and that made it taste even more delicious. The queso has just enough peppers to appease a spicy craving. Everything was good to the last bite.


TALLYTACO is a local favorite in Tallahassee. It offers the best in Authentic Mexican Food. It is one of those places you can easily make a regular stop. We've eaten here several times now and the flavor never gets boring. They are always friendly and the place has the atmosphere of a friendly community. There is an outside dining area and of course, they do takeout.

If you decide to dine here, the outdoor seating area usually has a nice breeze and some of the tables are under shade. The tables have some customary condiments and paper towels, they sell drinks including soda and water out of ice chests just inside the dining area.