Reporting from Three Rivers Florida State Park

Three Rivers State Park was a pleasant surprise. We were hoping to kayak once we got here but the alligator 20 feet from the dock and another about 200 feet out was a clear indicator that the water was gatorfested, and you know we don't get in gatorfested water.

The pleasant surprise, however, was how increadible beautiful this place was. Though you can hear the nearby highway, you could easily feel like you were in a secluded part of the country, off the grid. Three Rivers has a lot of park to enjoy.


This was the first time either of us adventured outdoors for camping since we were kids, and our first camping trip together (Yes, that means we recorded this before St. Andrews). We were in the minority with our tent, outnumbered by RVs, which made us both feel pretty old-fashioned. The experience was ironic since we were the youngest couple there. We were expertly outfitted for camping if we were camping in the 1980s.

Despite our lack of solid walls and air conditioning, we had a great time and even managed to gill fajita wraps for dinner on the very low and hot grill. We won't talk about being scaredy-cats about the sound of light footsteps in the woods behind our tent and how we sat in our car for 45 minutes.

Three Rivers State Park - Sunset


Three Rivers is not flatland and it makes for a really fun bicycle ride. Going uphill was pretty exhausting but the downhill made up for it. The tour video for this park has a part where we are coming down toward the boat ramp and Lake Seminole comes into view looking like an image on a postcard.

The picnic area also has restrooms and there are grills as well. A vast waterfront view makes it a great destination if you're looking for an excuse to get on the bikes or taking a nice stroll around the park.