Reporting from Turkey Creek Nature Trail

Turkey Creek Nature Trail

This week's Happy Trails is Turkey Creek Nature Trail, located in Niceville, Florida, in Okaloosa County. This nature trail is a great place to spend the day with your friends and family walking the trails, swimming, or tubing. There are portions of the creek that can be kayaked, but there was a tree blocking part of the run at the time of our visit, so we chose not to kayak. There is limited parking so you may want to get here early. Be sure to click the link to the official website for hours and rules.

Walking the Nature Trail

There are two nature trails at Turkey Creek. One is the main Nature Trail and has a boardwalk the entire way through to several pavilions with picnic tables. We stayed on the boardwalk part of the nature walk. The second is a dirt trail that cuts through the park's wooded areas. As you walk through the park, you will hear birds chirping and families laughing. It is a friendly and relaxing environment, and the park is well kept. So please do your part, use the trash cans and keep the place at least as clean as you found it.