Reporting from Misty Water Park

Misty Water Park is located in Mary Esther, Florida. This park is pretty minimal, with no restrooms and only a single covered picnic table, a boat launch, and a trash can. However, what this park allows easy access to is a few secluded islands in the middle of the Santa Rosa Sound. By secluded I mean the islands usually only have a handful of people and boats beached across the four main islands.

There is a fishing dock but it was under repairs when we did this recording. The parking here is very limited, so please do not plan or bring an entourage.


All of these islands are great spots for snorkeling, which allows visitors to experience marine life without trampling the environment. You can float over the grass flats to see Blue Crabs, Hermit Crabs, and various smaller fish. On the outer reaches of the grass flats, you can see schools of slightly larger fish passing by or even in chase of their next meal.

Once you're in a floating position, we recommend staying afloat, so you don't need to stand after diving. Preventing a situation where you don't have to place your feet on the bottom helps protect the environments you're viewing and ensures you don't step on a Flounder or Stingray for those unfamiliar with these types of saltwater environments. Part of ecotourism is protecting the ecosystems you love and appreciate.


Santa Rosa Sound is a great place all-around for kayaking. There are places all along Okaloosa Island to beach your kayak and relax, whether you choose the county spots adjacent to each beach access along Santa Rosa Blvd, or Spoil Islands. Be sure to stay aware of your surroundings though because this is a place where barges and giant yachts also pass through. But don't let that keep you from paddling here because you can also experience some raw Florida and maybe even see a dolphin or five along your journey.