Reporting from Buh’s BBQ

Pulled Pork Sandwich

In the box to the right is the pulled pork sandwich. The pork sandwich was slow-cooked to perfection making it tender and delicious. We both agreed this is the best barbeque either of us has tasted in years.

Beef Brisket Sandwich With Beans

In the box to the left are the slow-cooked brisket sandwich and baked beans. The tenderness of the beef melts in your mouth. The baked beans had a nice kick to them. I chose the mesquite flavor sauce and it made the sandwich even tastier.

About Buh's BBQ

Buh's BBQ is a food truck located in Navarre Florida. His signature flavor comes from a traditional Memphis-style dry rub. We picked this spot for a lunchtime meal and the amount of meat on the sandwich was plentiful. If you need more than just a quick on-the-go meal, you can also buy the meats and beans by the pound. You get to choose the type of sauce you want with flavors ranging from spicy to sweet.

If you are looking for a good spot to enjoy some traditional Memphis-style barbeque, Buh's BBQ is your place. If you plan to eat here, there are picnic tables with a canopy. Catering and delivery are available for this food truck.