Hello, Beach Bums

Hello, Beach Bums

Welcome to our new website. For the past couple of months, Mandy and I have been touring some of Florida's parks and outdoor spaces and documenting our adventures along the way so you can get a sneak peek at some of the places we think you'd like to visit.

Our favorite things to do are bicycling, kayaking, snorkeling, disc golf, and taking long walks wherever we can find great scenery. Sometimes we go camping too.

Another thing we want to do is bring you to some of our favorite places to catch a bite to eat. We've both spent time working in the restaurant industry, and we know how important yet difficult it is to attract business when you're a small and locally owned establishment. We support these great places to eat that help preserve culinary diversity in Florida's food scene.

There are many options for vacationing in Florida; between hotels and booking a state, national, private RV, and campsites, combined with the option to bring or rent equipment, charters, and private tours, you can create nearly any type of Florida vacation you want.

For our neighbors in the south, you can take most of the trips we take for less than $200 for gas, campsite, and equipment rental, or $100 if you have your own outdoor and recreational equipment—what a great deal for a weekend vacation smack in the middle of paradise.

As you can see, the website is almost done. I would give you a solid date, but it gets delayed every time I do that. So keep checking back, and soon we'll have our first post up on the site.

UPDATE: We published our first blog post on July 6, 2021.